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Re: Epiphany crashes on pure64

Hello again guys,

El vie, 08-04-2005 a las 21:01 -0300, Javier Kohen escribió:
> I just found out that mozilla-browser-1.7.6 in pure64 is compiled
> against libstdc++-6 while epiphany is compiled against version 5.
> Actually, none other package in my system seems to be using libstdc++-6,
> neither does mozilla-browser for all the other official architectures.
> In the case that there were a valid reason to compile mozilla with
> version 5, would it be possible to have Epiphany (and
> Epiphany-Extensions) compiled against that version as well? I think that
> might solve the problems we're experiencing.

I recompiled Epiphany-Browser and Epiphany-Extensions with gcc-3.4 and
it seems to be working fine with the Mozilla browser in the archive now.
Just a two-minute test showed that I can access the sites that were
causing trouble before. I'll keep you updated, but is there anybody
reading this anyway?

Javier Kohen <jkohen@users.sourceforge.net>
ICQ: blashyrkh #2361802
Jabber: jkohen@jabber.org

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