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Re: Status

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 12:02:47AM +1000, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> before i ask stupid questions
> is there a support status page for amd64
> im interested in buying an FX cpu and then which video
> card is best supported (non-GPL will do) so nvidia or ati

Nvidia absolutely has the best drivers of those two.  I would not
personally buy an ATI for running a Linux system.

> also whats mainboard support like

Well the list has had a number of messages on that you can find in the
archive.  I think I have seen people mention good results with the Asus
A8N-SLI, and I have no problem with the Asus A8V-Deluxe (although of
course the promise 20378 doesn't have a driver yet).

> im looking at a pci-e dfi lanparty board

I have no experience with dfi.  I have 13 years of good experience with
Asus boards though.

> yeah so i like games. bah.

What makes something a lanparty board?

I find most of the higher end Asus boards are equiped for anything a lan
party could require.

Len Sorensen

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