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Re: amd64 porters IRC meeting: preparations for sarge

Frederik Schueler wrote:
Now, what we need to start the meeting is: [...]

18:00 UTC is fine by me. Don't forget we've switched to summer time; it's 11am PDT for example. I'd like to avoid 8:00 UTC because that's 1am PDT but 7:00 UTC would be usable for me.

I suspect another relevant agenda item is: Which combinations of sarge/testing/sid vs GCC versions ... to continue running buildd's for.

I suggest we segue into an adjacent topic area (once the main topics are dealt with): Should debian-amd64 actively push multiarch forward (to merge i386 and amd64) ? Should we have packages with matching names that provide amd64 script wrappers for running chrooted i386 binaries ?

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