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Re: Critical mysql bug = remotely changing from PURE64 to 32-bit debian.. possible?

On Sat, Apr 09, 2005 at 07:29:53AM -0700, Jeremy Gray wrote:
> Is it possible to go from a Sarge Pure64 installation to a 32-bit debian 
> installation remotely?
> (I have KVM over IP access if that helps in the process any.. but no 
> CD-ROM on that server)
> If its possible could someone please tell me the steps to do it or point 
> me to a url that covers it?
> Thanks!
> See below for why I think I need to switch to 32 bit....

Without knowing exactly what's causing his problems, I wouldn't worry
about them too much unless you see them on your own setup.  There are
surely plenty of cases where people have run MySQL successfully in
64-bit mode, on similar hardware and software configuration as his,
without problems.


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