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Re: Idea for structure of Apt-Get

Helge Hafting <helge.hafting@aitel.hist.no> writes:

> the protocols usually used by apt over the net.  Caching proxies have
> two big advantages over changing apt:
> * Nothing have to be done to apt at all!
> * Proxies also cache other things than debian packages.
> Helge Hafting

The ISps with caching proxies are usualy the ones that always have
problems with apt-get and basicaly any other http/ftp app, esspecialy
ftp. They start to cache stuff they aren't supposed to cache or don't
notice file changes.

Just think what happens if you get todays Release file and yesterdays
Packages file. Apt currnetly just fails to find packages but with 0.6
it will detect network intrusion and loudly scream as checksums don't


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