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Re: Another program for burning dvds

I use xcdroast.

Try it - you'll like it.

Completely coincidentally, I actually installed this this morning, but I've been having issues.

1. It keeps saying that I need to install ProDVD support before I can write DVDs. Now, I can find the cdrecord-prodvd source (I think), but is there a package for it somewhere?

2. Even though I've enabled scsi emulation on my DVD drive (added "hdd=ide-scsi" to my grub "kernel" line, and have had to change the mountpoint of /media/cdrom1 to /dev/scd1), when I select [3,0,0] from the Device-Scan part of the XCDroast setup, it says that I've selected an ATAPI device as my CD writer. There is an ATAPI version of my DVD drive about, but I don't select it! Curses.

Any suggestions?


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