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Which version of AMD64 install?

I've looked through the mailing list and HOWTO, found some info re what
the different versions of AMD64 do, but I'm still a little confused
about which one (if any) is right for me.

My needs are:  

Installing onto dual Opteron machine, used as server & workstation
Would like to run 64bit if possible.
Will need to run IA32 chroot environment as well.
Workstation usability more an issue than security.

It seems to me that it doesn't matter which version:  Sarge, SID, GCCxx
I use.

I remember reading that the net install CD for sarge and SID are now the
same thing?

What is the gcc version compared to the others?  IE I know that gcc
compiler 3.x and 4.0 are used, but that don't mean much to me.  What gcc
version does sarge & SID use?

Rupert Heesom <rupert@heesom.org.uk>

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