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Re: Re: Re: "rock solid" motherboard

I should revise my explanation here:

I can have 4 disks in DOS (c:, d:, e:, and f:) and then
turn on the RAID1 mode and there is just one disk c: only.
If that is RAID0 then the c: must be 4-formatted first.
That doesn't use any drivers or software except plain DOS.

The 4 disks would actually be RAID0+1 or RAID0 not just
RAID1. I went back and edited poorly.

I tested using one SATA disk and one PATA disk in RAID1
mode. The SATA disk was drive f: and the PATA disk was
drive g: in DOS. Then I turned on the mirroring and there
was only a drive f: and the mirroring worked. I could
turn off the RAID1 and check each disk in DOS. There were
no special drivers for the SATA or the RAID1.

I am extrapolating to the same effect using 4 disks.

I could only find one SATA disk in Linux and never see
the PATA whether RAID was turned on or off because of the
sata_promise driver for kernel 2.6.10. I could not write
to the RAID in Linux without errors. The new 2.6.11 kernel
is supposed to make the PATA visible under Linux. I haven't
tested that yet.


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