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Re: Geforce FX 5900XT


I have run the RP-patch-script...

What do I do now? I've not actually made a kernel before :(


I sent this off-list to you, and your MTA rejected it...)
550 is listed at combined.njabl.org

Daniel James wrote:

Hi James,

Someone sent me an off-list e-mail about beta tesing a multimedia
kernel... Unfortunately, I lost that e-mail when i was messing
around with my mail server settings (duh!)... Could whoever it was
please resend? :)

That was me! I'm currently working towards using 2.6.11 with the Ingo Molnar patch set, as his patches for 2.6.10 had a bug which caused them to fail compilation on x86_64. I don't have deb packages available yet, I'm afraid, but there is a script available which will do the patching for you - it will need to be updated for 2.6.11 though:


You may prefer to use the Debian source package of 2.6.11 when it becomes available, and patch it manually.

See also this thread:




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