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installing on XFS: bootloader problem


I'm trying to install debian-amd64 to my existing xfs partition /dev/hdb2 (so it's on the second HDD while my main system lives on the first HDD with LILO on MBR).

First, I downloaded sid-amd64-netinst.iso, burnt a CD and boot from it. Everything went just fine until installing bootloader stage. From GRUB I got a warning

The GRUB bootloader installation often fails or hangs when /boot is on XFS filesystem. Using LILO in this situation is recommended.

So I went for LILO. Unfortunately, it failed to install saying "/sbin/lilo failed with error code 1".
I tried to install it manually from command shell running
 chroot /target /sbin/lilo
but it reported a fatal error:

Fatal: Filesystem would be destroyed by LILO boot sector: /dev/hdb2

(That's weird! Why GRUB suggests to use LILO on XFS while LILO shows total incompatibily???)

So I decided to give a try to GRUB. First, I tried to replace existing LILO in MBR at /dev/hda replacing. It failed with no obvious reason (LILO well survived, btw).
Then I tried to install it directly into /dev/hdb2 and got it hanging up at 50% done. After reset I was forced to repair XFS partition zeroing its log due to severe damages.

So, what is a proper way to install bootloader on XFS?
And where should I report existing problem?


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