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Re: Abit AV8 Gigabit Ethernet

I sent a bug report to the discover-package. It's just not discovered during boot, but the driver loads and it works. When starting debian installer, just switch to second terminal with alt-f2 and issue "modprobe via-velocity", and then switch back to choose language, keymap, and so on..

/n - happy AV8 user

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005, Joshua Moore wrote:

FYI, I've heard several people have been having trouble getting the onboard ethernet on the Abit AV8 board to work. I just tried the new Hoary version of Ubuntu for AMD64. It appears that it detects the onboard ethernet. As for the speed, I don't know much about how to check that, but it definately gets me connected. Just thought I'd let the world know.

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