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Re: Bug#250086: extipl: please add amd64 support

Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org> writes:

> (This mail is copied to amd64 list)
> Hi. I'm now working on that package.

mrvn@frosties:~% apt-cache show extipl
Package: extipl
Version: 5.04-
Priority: optional
Section: admin
Maintainer: Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org>
Architecture: amd64
Filename: pool/unstable/main/amd64/e/extipl/extipl_5.04-
Size: 5998
MD5sum: 0eb2518d7d02e4b5911a3d2f93472b06
Description: Yet Another Boot Selector for IBM-PC compatibles.
 Extended-IPL is a boot selector which is upper compatible with
 original IBM IPL. This package includes the installer for this
 boot code which is written into MBR of your hard disk.
 With this boot selector, you can select a partition from
 all the partitions including the logical partitions as well as
 the primary ones in all the BIOS supported disks when booting a PC,
 and then it will boot up the OS reside at the selected partition.
installed-size: 24
                       'residing on' or 'that resides on'

Is that from your patch or another one?

> Extipl uses syscall5 _llseek on i386 to reach the right sector
> in the hard disk where the boot code is installed in. 
> So I'm afraid that it can't work on pure 64bit environment.
> But if any amd64 system can run all i386 32bit code,
> then it might run that _llseek system call too.

It should not use _llseek on i386 either. The right way is to define
64bit file operations (LFS) and use the normal lseek (which then uses
64bit off_t).


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