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Re: kde 3.4

Hi Chris,

Chris Wakefield wrote:
Hi x86_64'ers.

I have managed to compile kde-3.4 (using konstruct). This is nice, as I've tried several times in the past couple of years and have had spotty success.

The only thing that may be a problem for others, is the export links (points?) to specialized directories as created by the stock setup of konstruct.

Anyways, I was wondering if my compilation could be of any use to amd64 users?

I was also wondering how I could compile to overwrite existing or standard debian file locations for kde?

You can always see how the Debian packages for KDE 3.3.x do it. If the building system didn't change that much, you might have an easy job in your hands. You can always get in touch with the Debian maintainers for the KDE packages and offer to give them a hand.

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