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Re: valgrind

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 07:10:30PM -0500, Javier Kohen wrote:
> I know I'm not addressing your question directly, but it works fine in a 
> IA32 chroot here. Now, if your program passes all valgrinds tests on 
> IA32, shouldn't it do so in a AMD64 as well? Well, maybe not, but it 
> should be pretty close.

Well if it uses x86 assembly, it won't work at all if you try to compile
it natively for amd64.  If it's just pure c/c++/whatever then there is
still the issue of pointer sizes (when people use the wrong type for
their pointers and hence assume pointers are 32bit).  Making software
compile on 64bit and work correctly is not trivial, although good
programing style should make it work in most cases, which of course
means an awful lot of programs don't work.

Len Sorensen

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