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Re: Time drift in amd64

Once you know what the drift value is, you can tell the kernel (using
the adjtime related commands) and it will apply the correction for you.

You do not need an always-on connection to use NTP.  It will simply take
advantage of those times where the internet is available to get
corrective data and use the most recently computed drift otherwise.

If you don't have a valid connection at any time, and don't like setting
the clock by hand every week or so, you can get a radio clock or a GPS
and plug them in.  The "ntp" package (not ntp-simple) can use those.

Carsten Prieß wrote:
On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 18:45:45 -0500
Peter Nelson <rufus@hackish.org> wrote:

Bharath Ramesh wrote:

I just installed a fresh installation of amd64 on another athlon box.
I find that the clock seems to be drifting by 8-10 seconds every day.
Any idea how I can fix this drift. This drift seems to be large.

Just install ntp-simple and it'll keep you within a few milliseconds
off  official atomic time.  If it asks you were to point use

However that are only workarouds? What's with Clients with Dial-up or
without I-Net connection?

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