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Re: Install process hangs on MTA restart

Barry Rountree wrote:

On Thursday 03 March 2005 12:26 am, Alex Perry wrote:
If you're trying to install and don't actually need exim4 for whatever
reason, just replace the package with a different MTA before it gets
downloaded and installed.

Ummm.... ok, this might be a rather dense question, but how does one accomplish this?

Maybe they've changed the installer since the version I normally use. I should pull the current image and make sure this still works, sigh. I'm used to being able to interact with the dselect package listing, after the system has decided what it would like to install, and before it actually fetches the non-base packages and unpacks them. At that point, if you change the MTA selection, you can ensure that it never actually tries to initialize the exim4 runtime (which is where you seem to be hanging up).

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