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Re: Install process hangs on MTA restart

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On Thursday 03 March 2005 12:04 am, Superuserman wrote:
> Are you trying to finish installation or fix the installer?

Finish the installation.

> Actually, I have used the 19 Feb sid netinst without the
> same problem. The exim has been updated recently and might
> be different.

Any way to know that for certain?

> This could also be due to a misconfigured 
> network 

Doubt it -- everything up to that point had gone well.  Which is to say, there 
were no errors pulling down all of the packages and the machine was 
configured with a very, very standard static IP setup.

> or a modem crash. 

It's lan behind a firewall.  And it failed in the same place on at least three 
different installs.

> I doubt the netboot would work  
> without a bootp and tftp server if at all.


> To just get past the problem edit the /etc/init.d/exim4 and
> put "exit 0" near the first line. 

At what point during the installation should this be done?  

> Maybe using the ps -ax and 
> then kill exim from the second console would work. 

I tried this, but nothing continued in that terminal.  I had wondered if the 
thing /after/ MTA configuration was hanging, but haven't gotten a chance to 
dig out what that might be.

> Did you wait long enough? Those things usually timeout.

~5 minutes.

> Somebody else might want the debug info.
> Good Luck,

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