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Re: RE : Re: SATA problem on Tiger K8W (S2875ANRF)

On Tue, Mar 01, 2005 at 12:06:59PM +0100, amel.kapetanovic@freesurf.ch wrote:
> Thanks, but I speak about a BIOS configuration.
> In general, there are 2 ways to configure a SATA interface : one is 'compatibility',
> and then the SATA drive is seen like a standard IDE one.
> But in my BIOS, I have only Ultra and Raid.
> So I wonder if this possibility exists on my board, or not.

Well my experience with SATA is that if it is set to anything other than
native mode, it doesn't work right with Linux.

Now in the case of anything called "raid" in the setup of anything built
in to a motherboard, it is almost always proprietary software raid and
hence not worth using as the drivers are almost never open source.  At
least with linux software raid you can move the raid to another
controller and have it continue to work.  You are not stuck depending on
one specific raid controller on a mainboard.

So given the options of ultra and raid, I would pick ultra (whatever
that means).

Which SATA controller is this?  Sil3112?  Sil3114?  Promise?  Highpoint?

Support for the Sil3112 has been around a while, the 3114 was added in

Len Sorensen

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