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Re: dri from chroot

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 09:47:07 +0100, Filippo Carone
<f.carone@fastwebnet.it> wrote:
>  Hi everybody,
>  I installed the chroot to run 32bit apps, but I'm not able to access
> the /dev/dri/card0 file either binding /dev on /chroot/dev or creating
> /chroot/dev/dri/card0 . stracing on glxinfo inside the chroot or by
> dchroot:

Unfortunatly, the DRI was not designed with 64/32-bit compatibility in
mind. Currently, a 32-bit process cannot use the DRI under a 64-bit

A proper 64/32 compatibility layer is proving hard to make without
losing backwards compatibility.

Will Dyson

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