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Re: ECS kv2 mother board

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 07:35:38PM +0000, the.phule@gmail.com wrote:
> Looking to get hold of a 64 system and a locla shop has the ECS kv2 
> Extreme on special and comes with most of what i want, just wondering if 
> anyones had any experience with them or know of an woes? I've had a 
> search for the board but havent found anything useful from google search 
>  or site:debian.org search.

 The board works, nearly all is supported. I had only problems with the 
ATA ports of the SIS180 controler which did work with during the install 
(the kernel of the d-i) but not with the normal kernel. Also my custom 
2.6.[89] kernels did not work. I had no time to test it with 2.6.10 or newer.

> Bit more spec
> VIA K8T800 Pro and VT 8237 north/South chipsets
> Realtek ALC 655 6 channel <would really like a working sound card but 
> will drop a another in if its the only thing.>

 Works like a charm ;-) With all 6 Channels.

> Marvell 88E8001 & VIA 6103L Network ports

ECS KV2 Extreme
ATA	ATA Raid	Serial ATA	SCSI	Network		Sound
via	- 		sata_via+sata_sis? -	via_rhine+sk98lin via82xx

Karl-Heinz Eischer

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