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Re: Eterm dead

I've recompiled eterm too :(

Jens Vogel escribió:

Hi Javier,

Javier Kohen wrote:

Did you try recompiling Enlightenment? If that fixes the problem then I think you should report a bug to the libimlib2 package stating that the binary compatibility with eterm was broken. They'll know what do.

Yes, I tried that. During compile-time (./configure works fine) the exact same error occurs. The "official" E 0.16.6 which is packaged in Sid works fine though. Well, that may be because E 0.16.6 doesn't use libimlib2.

Otherwise, I think you should still open a bug to libimlib2 :)

I will see what I can do, I never did file any bugs before. So first I will read how to do that ;) and collect some more information tonight, when I have access to my machine again.


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