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Re: Monolithic Installer Question

the owner <editor@postscript.port5.com> writes:

> Greetings Goswin,
> I just tried the 13 Feb sid-amd64-monolithic.iso wondering if this
> installer would fetch everything from the internet without having any
> internal packages. There was a problem with selecting the mirrors. The
> installer correctly looked for an debian-amd64 mirror except the
> mirror list seems to be for the i386 archive. There doesn't seem to be
> a way to enter the mirror only select from the list.

I can't believe that the menu item to enter a menu manually is
gone. Scroll up and up and up. The list is longer than the screen.

> Also, the ext3 filesystem was made except the partition later was
> identified as ext2 when mounting from my current install.

Missing ext3 support? A cleanly umounted ext3 is ext2 compatible.

> The installation failed because no valid mirror with Packages file for
> debian-amd64 was found.

Sure, if you don't enter one that won't work.

> The specific problem I wanted to address is the netcfg. The broadcast
> address is set to instead of x.x.x.255. There was no way to
> enter the address. The address causes my DSL modem to
> crash. This is also a problem on i386. This should be easy to correct
> if the proper developer is contacted.
> Question: Who or where should I file a bug report as follows?

reportbug netcfg


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