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sata_nv problem

Hi there,

I am a happy Debian AMD64 user from the last few months but now I run into a problem...

I tried to install a brand new system with the latest installer image, but it failed during SATA detection... Sata_nv module said: "sata is too slow to responde". :( I googled a little and found out that this is a kind of bug in the pre 2.6.10 kernels, and it had been resolved in 2.6.10, but the latest amd64 installer uses kernel<2.6.10. :( So I need a 2.6.10 on the installer CD. Is there any way to make my own installer disk/image using my own kernel image? Can I changed only the kernel on the installer? A static kernel without modules is okay for me?

Currently I am fighting with DFS (Debian from scratch)...but I failed :(

I have 2 pices of 200 gigas SEAGATE, and I would like RAID 1... so that's why I need the "original" AMD64 installer but with my own kernel image.

Could someone help me? Any idea is accepted if it helps me. :-)

thanks in advance,

Zsolt KOZAK      zsolt@zso.lt
personal web:    http://zso.lt
Road To Avonlea: http://www.avonlea.hu

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