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Re: Tyan Tiger K8W (S2875ANRF) mainboard : did somebody try it ?

amel.kapetanovic@freesurf.ch wrote:
Hello everybody,

I am looking for a quality mainboard, and saw that the Tyan Tiger K8W (S2875ANRF)
is not so expensive.
Relatively speaking.  It's still the most expensive motherboard I've
ever bought.  Even my dual Athlon motherboard was about $50 USD cheaper.

Did somebody have any experience about?

Yes, I have one and am using it right now, but not with two processors,
only a single, currently.  1 GB PC2100 ECC RAM.

Board works like a charm, currently using all the onboard features but
the firewire ports.  Everything else works fine.

Only complaint is the boot time is a little long with USB device
detection and SATA BIOS initialization.  Fact of life with such a full
featured board, I supposed.

Also, the AGP 8X bus works great and I don't have the reliability issues
I did with my Asus Dual Athlon motherboard.

I'd recommend the Tiger for anyone who doesn't need the extra 4 RAM
slots and the ability to do 16GiB RAM.


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