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Re: fglrx, I should ask...

Hola Jaime,

> 1.- The fglrx driver provided by ATI work with other Non-ATI with
> RADEON chipset?
According to the log your chipset is supported by the driver, but you can always ask the manufacturer of your card to confirm that.

Jaime Ochoa Malagón wrote:

I'll apreciate the help you can provide.

2.- If the answer is YES then why I can´t see anything?
  a) I´d already follow the step from Flavio's page
  b) Success to compile the module and load
  c) X don't complain to much...

Simply the screen go black and the system never go back.

Looking at the log I see that your monitor is on the secondary head. Is it possible that the driver is using the primary head (apparently not plugged in) for output?

(**) fglrx(0): using built in AGPGART module: no

I doubt this will help, but it might be worth trying. Try setting up the driver to use the internal AGPGart module.

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