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AMD 64 How-to

I installed to an Asus K8V-X about a month ago; everything went smoothly. 
Processor seems to be an Athlon 3400; dmesg suggests 2202.895 MHz

I don't think I've heard any sound from it yet; probably related to a reported
timeout whist reading the AC97 codec and the logs filling with 
"via_audio: ignoring drain playback error". Haven't got around to
looking into that because my wife seems to think that her diary being
spread around four computers and three operating systems is a more
urgent problem.

If I may make a small suggestion about the How-to.

When I came to the paragraph about putting the name of alioth or mirrors
into the sources list there is a sentence which reads;

 "Then choose the first option which will let you enter the information."

 I took three goes to get this right because the first option is off the top 
of the list and you have to scroll to it. The sentence would be more 
informative if someone was to introduce a comma after the word option. Even 
better would be to replace "choose" with "scroll up to" as well.

Thanks for all the hard work with the port"


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