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Re: libflash-mozplugin

On Saturday, 12 February 2005 08:49, v0n0 wrote:
> After installing libflash-mozplugin + dependancies when I get in a
> site with a Flash component Firefox (1.0) goes in segmentation fault.
> Is there anyone that is experiencing the same problem?

I used to maintain libflash (I adopting it thinking it would be 
interesting)--it's not just an AMD64 problem, it's just a problem with 
the upstream software itself. It has problems on every architecture.

Sadly, it ended up have WAY more problems that I could fix or 
work-around, and I ended up just orphaning it so I could focus on more 
important things.

Wesley J. Landaker <wjl@icecavern.net>
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