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Re: Re: Time to test sarge

vekotin@b2.st wrote:

As for the installation, can DFS be used to install amd64-sarge?

I tried this last year using the same images from October.
The DFS takes more expertise to use than the Debian Installer.

The DFS boots into ram like a LiveCD unless you tell the kernel
to boot an existing root installation. While in ram you can then
partition the disk and create the filesystems from the programs
on the CD. Then chroot to the new partition and debootstrap. That
takes some experience with debian or at least another Linux dist.
I can't remember if the Debian Installer is included. There is a
debian package to build a custom DFS. That is not too easy.

Be sure to modprobe sk98lin for the Yukon ethernet controller used
on many AMD64 motherboards because that didn't get recognized.

!! We don't need no stinking modules !!

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