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Re: [Jamin] Re: Audio tests on pure64

Hi Steve,

> There was a big Steve-induced mess around here somewhere, I /think/
> your suffering from a combination of a buggy pkg-config script for
> early liblo versions, and a bug that causes early liblo's to
> segfault if started on a machine with an odd, or missing networking
> setup.

I've just confirmed that the same behaviour happens with the latest 
update to DeMuDi on a 32-bit machine, so it looks like Jamin could be  
generally broken in Debian Sid. (As I understand it, both pure 64 and 
DeMuDi are derived from Sid, but neither is derived from the other).

> It could also be an endianess issue, I havent tested liblo on a 64
> bit machine for some time.

Although it doesn't seem to be the case this time, I'll gladly test 
your code here on my Opteron - indeed, running jamin is becoming 
essential. You should see the amount of stuff I've got to master 
now : )

> I would recomend going to the latest liblo though, and the CVS
> version of JAMin is probably the most bug free.

Right - I'll remove the debs and have a go at building Jamin from CVS 
against liblo 0.16. If it works, I'll liase with Free about fixing it 
for DeMuDi and Debian in general.

If we can't get it to fly, is there a compile-time option to disable 
OSC support as a potential interim fix? I looked under ./configure 
--help but I don't think it was documented.



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