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Re: [Jamin] Re: Audio tests on pure64

There was a big Steve-induced mess around here somewhere, I /think/ your
suffering from a combination of a buggy pkg-config script for early liblo
versions, and a bug that causes early liblo's to segfault if started on a
machine with an odd, or missing networking setup.

It could also be an endianess issue, I havent tested liblo on a 64 bit
machine for some time.

I would recomend going to the latest liblo though, and the CVS version of
JAMin is probably the most bug free.

- Steve

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 10:53:41 +0000, Daniel James wrote:
> Hi Norval,
> > > However, Jamin segfaults after a brief flash of the GUI. Norval -
> > > could you do an apt-get install jamin on your Pure64 box, start
> > > jackd, run jamin and see if the same behaviour happens for you?
> > > Daniel
> >
> > Hey Daniel, FWIW, I started the 32bit demudi the other night,
> > started jamin and got exactly what you decribe here
> > (demudi_1.2.1-rc1)
> Maybe it's not an amd64 issue but a Debian issue then. If I run the 
> Jamin binary from pure64 with gdb, I get this:
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> [Switching to Thread 182937986464 (LWP 2544)]
> 0x0000002a96ecead6 in lo_server_new_with_proto () 
> from /usr/lib/liblo.so.0
> A version problem with the liblo package, perhaps? I have tried 
> building liblo-0.16 from the source tarball, which seemed to go OK. 
> When I tried building Jamin 0.9.0 from source, ./configure completed 
> without warnings but make failed, saying it couldn't find the lo.h 
> header. It's definitely in /usr/include/lo - and I copied the 
> contents of this directory to /usr/include for good measure; same 
> problem.  
> Jamin team - any clue what might be causing this? Should we be using 
> an earlier version of liblo with Jamin 0.9.0, or should we try a 
> later, CVS release of Jamin? Stability is more important than whizzy 
> new features at this stage, as the rest of Debian pure64 is pretty 
> solid.
> Thanks!
> Daniel
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