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CIFS VFS No response buffer - solved


I thought I'd post this as I found a solution (or think I have).

I recently started using smb instead of nfs to access files on servers
from my 64bit laptop.  I had been running windows clients accessing
samba but couldn't get it to work right for debian clients.  However,
using file type cifs instead of smbfs seemed to make it work fine, so
much so, that I stopped using nfs.

However, after a while, I noticed, when swtiching into console tty1, a
recurrent message "CIFS VFS: No response buffer".  There were similar
messages when shutting down.  In spite of these messages, smbclient
seemed to be working OK, if a little hesitant when accessing shares.

Today I had problems saving files to a share from both OpenOffice and
Gvim - I suspected that it was something to do with the above error.
Googling didn't produce much but there was a mention of kernels.  So I
upgraded my kernel from 2.6.8 to 2.6.10 and the error has dissappeared.

It is early days and I'll let you know if anything untoward happens,
I'll let you know.



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