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Re: Re: Framebuffer and Kernel issues

On Sun, Feb 06, 2005 at 08:28:04PM -0700, SpikeyGG wrote:
> Thanks for the response... I did exactly the same thing just now with another "test" kernel and it still gives me a blank screen.  I did a similar command "grep FB .config" in my linux directory and it responded with exactly the results that you have.  I set up my kernel line with a vga=ask so that it'll ask me on boot (and I have tried hardcoding it too).  I've tried all sorts of combonations.  0x301, 0x312, 0x318, 0x305... none of them work.  What's really weird is that the stock kernel with frame buffers works, I just can't compile one to work! :(  Any other ideas?

Which FB?  VESA, VGA16, chipset specific?

I have found that sometimes turning off the framebuffer requires an
option like: video=vga16:off

It seems some of the framebuffers default to on even without a proper
setting specified for using it.

Lennart Sorensen

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