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Re: Still confused about pure64 package changelogs

Larry Doolittle <ldoolitt@recycle.lbl.gov> writes:

> Thanks, everyone, for your comments!
> On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 06:56:36PM +0100, Kurt Roeckx wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 31, 2005 at 04:04:14PM -0800, Larry Doolittle wrote:
>> > 
>> > Today, for instance, I see netbase is ready to upgrade, from
>> > version 4.19 to version 4.20.  The trouble is, looking at
>> > packages.debian.org, the changelog only goes up to 4.19.
>> It seems to be there now?  Maybe they're just slow in updating
>> it?
> I guess.  Yes, I see it there now, too.  My point is that
> there was a window where the update was available but the
> documentation was not.
> My first and best reason to run Linux (since 1992) is
> reliability.  If there isn't a perfect match between the
> update and packages.debian.org, that isn't the primary
> source of information about updates, and I want to know
> what is.

Currently for an upload the following happens (with very few

- DD uploads to debian
- katie accepts the package to queue/accepted
- buildds (!amd64) get the source and build packages
- once a day dinstall runs and adds the source to the archive
- alioth pulls the source from the archive
- the amd64 buildd gets the source
- amd64 debs are uploaded

Usualy that gives amd64 debs around a day delay compared to other
archs and enough time for the changelog page to update. But aparently
not always enough delay.

You could subscribe to debian-devel-changes if you need to get the
changelog before download or use apt-listchanges if downloading and
then seeing the changelog is ok. We have no debian-amd64-changes
(yet). Do we need one?

>> > Another particular example is kernel-image-2.6.10-9-amd64-k8,
>> > which doesn't even show up on packages.debian.org.
>> This is one of the excpetion of packages that are first uploaded
>> to the amd64 archive and only later to the debian archive.  It's
>> stuck in NEW for some time now.
> Can anyone elaborate on this comment?  Who controls and/or where is
> the master list of such packages, and how can we mere users find out
> what's going on with them?


As to whats going on with them that is a mystery for anyone not

> To the several people who pointed me to apt-listchanges: yes, that
> sure looks like what I want.  I don't mind downloading new .deb files
> first, as long as I can find out what's in them before installing.
> It looks (from the man page) like apt-listchanges is designed to slide 
> into apt-get somehow.  Google found a few pages suggesting that connection
> is supposed to happen automagically in the install, but it didn't for me.
> Well, maybe it tried: right after it ran apt-listbugs (also new on my
> system [*], I ran into suggestions to run it as well as apt-listchanges),
> I do see the line
>     Reading changelogs... Done
> but nothing came out.
> You can probably tell I haven't used Debian for very long: only about
> six months.  I hope it's the last distribution I have to learn!

Configureing options. Try dpkg-reconfigure apt-listchanges (which
defaults to priority low to show all questions).

>          - Larry
> [*] It sure would be nice if all these system tools were written in the
> same language.  Pulling in apt-listbugs had the side effect of pulling
> in ruby and friends.  Do we really need a copy of every scripting language
> on the planet just to administer a debian system?


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