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Re: Building a RAID system

to be thorough,
silicon image has drivers (they claim work) on their website to do the psuedo raid, but i was never able to get them to work. they probly work with the default suse/redhat kernels.

they also talk about a toothfairy api, and a easter bunny i2c device, but i had trouble locating both of them.


Lennart Sorensen wrote:

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 05:47:17PM +0100, seb@frankengul.org wrote:
Hum, I think that the 2- does not exists. The software option in bios is
to configure the hardware RAID controler.

It isn't a hardware raid controller though.  Promise, and Sil3114 and
HPT and such put on a desktop motherboard are NOT hardware raid.  They
are plain simply ide chips that happen to have a bios that can do raid 0
and 1 while providing the standard bios drive calls to emulate a single
disk where in fact multiple disks are used.  Once the OS loads the
custom drivers they talk to the bios, get the raid setup layout, and
take over the job of running the drives in a raid layout, entirely in
software.  There is not raid hardware involved, just an ide controller
chip with a custom bios program to get the system booted from the
software raid.

Lennart Sorensen

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