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Re: Ubuntu with AMD64 Support

A Dimarts 01 Febrer 2005 14:03, Johannes Klug va escriure:
> Filippo Carone wrote:
> >* Daniel James (daniel@mondodesigno.com) ha scritto:
> >>upwards. Providing high quality end-user support for that product is
> >>just a physical impossibility, even for a company the size of
> >>Microsoft.
> >
> >imho Microsoft lacks community
> I don't think so.
> The Microsoft Community(tm) differs from the FOSS-community, though.
> FOSS people will write docs, test betas, send patches, maintain projects
> and so forth.
> MS's community has 10% of what I would call "helpers". These 10% of MS
> users are proficient in hardware, software, and MS Windows. They are the
> guys the nonproficient users use to call, when they "got some new
> hardware and it doesn't work". Or whenever their Windows b0xen behaves
> oddly (...).
> Microsoft profits greatly from these "helpers", since they give support
> for their own flawed software FOR FREE. Remember, Microsoft seeks
> profit, and these guys work for them for free.
> I used to be a "helper", and within my family I still am. It's just too
> hard to tell dad "No, I won't fix MS's shit, go open a support call".
> But I deny help with MS products to almost everybody else. I offer them
> to solve their problem by switching to Debian, however :)
> Regards,
> Johannes

Reading this, I could't avoid to mention this document:

and their final sentence:

"Remember, don't be Microsoft's technical support!"

this sentence have to be marked in our the face of ALL of us that have suffer 

I enjoy a lot mere and feel better doing the same but with Debian/Linux.


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