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Re: Mainboard Report: Octuple AMD Opteron (2x Iwill QK8S)

Hello Heiner,

Thanks for sharing this with us. That stuff is pretty new [max 3 months]
(I havent seen it yet).

Does this HTX-Pro bridge thing work specifically with Iwill MBs or are you
aware of similar solutions for other makers f.e Tyans S4882 ?

I am very interested to hear a bit more about this, also offline would be
fine to keep the list clean - not sure if anybody is interested ;-)

May I ask what you use such a beast for ;-) ??

Best regards

Nils Valentin
Tokyo / Japan


> Ok, here is something for entertainment:
> We installed a new 8-way Opteron system TurboRACK A6810-R5
> (based on Iwill H8501) with Debian Pure64, kernel 2.6.10 vanilla.
> The installation with the latest Netinst-ISO works smooth,
> but we had to update the kernel to 2.6.10 because of wrong SMP
> initialization with kernels older than 2.6.10 on this machine (perhaps a
> little BIOS bug, too).
> Besides that, it runs smooth and very fast :-).
> Technical Specifications:
>   - Rackmount chassis 5U
>   - 1300 Watt redundant P/S (3+1)
>   - 2x Quad-mainboard Iwill QK8S, connected thru HTX-Pro bridge
>   - 8x CPU AMD Opteron 850
>   - 32x 2GB DDR400 ECC reg. (total of 64GB memory)
>   - 4x Gbit LAN (Intel Pro/1000, driver "e1000")
>   - additional LSI SCSI controller (driver "mptscsih") with Fujitsu
> drives (15krpm)
> Regards,
>   Heiner Mudersbach

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