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Re: nvidia and stock kernel

On Sun, Jan 16, 2005 at 07:44:51AM -0800, Ric Otte wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed pure64 on a new machine (the install was surprisingly
> easy), but am having trouble knowing how to install the nvidia drivers
> (I've never used Nvidia before).  I just installed the stock kernel
> (with headers and source) 2.6.10-9-amd64-k8, nvidia-kernel-source, and
> nvidia-kernel-common.  I was following instructions at
> http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/Debian-nVidia/installation.html and
> things were fine until I typed "debian/rules binary_modules" which
> issued several problems about gcc 3.4 and finally 
>   Your kernel was configured to include rivafb support!
>   The rivafb driver conflicts with the NVIDIA driver, please
>   reconfigure your kernel and *disable* rivafb support, then
>   try installing the NVIDIA kernel module again.
> So, does the Nvidia driver work with the stock kernel, or do I have to
> go recompile the kernel without rivafb support?  And do I need to do
> anything about the gcc-3.4 warnings?
> Any help with getting Nvidia working would be appreciated.  Thanks,
Your modules is correctly built. Install the generated .deb in
This message tells you that if the rivafb is loaded first, it will
prevent the nvidia module from installing itself.
You need to move the rivafb module out of the way. I do it by
a good rm at every installation of a kernel-image.

PS: You will have the same problem with a 32bit install.

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