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Re: [Fwd: Re: my new superdesktop...]

My Dual AMD64 is my build machine of choice, I use it to run a 32bit Java JVM which we then use to bootstrap a 64bit JVM build. Builds do a lot of C/C++ and Java compilation so that really isn't a good comparison to a terminal server but doesn't count as a specialist application, it just does it faster. For a terminal server your network card(s) driver is obviously going to be key.

The one downside to flash and Java is that the native web browser is a 64bit process and can't load a 32bit process/plugin. I'm using a regular 32bit web browser until the 64bit versions are out (we are currently working on a 64bit JVM plugin)


Brian Chase wrote:

Comments, updates?


Re: my new superdesktop...
Brian Chase <networkr0@cfl.rr.com>
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 14:32:44 -0500


I've tried numerous distro's for my dual Opteron Tyan S2882 board, each with their own shortfalls.

Not real happy with my choice for AMD64, mainly because the availability of software is quite limited, and things like java and flash are either difficult to get working, or unavailable for the platform. Understanding that my main use will be a terminal server, I'm kinda regretting not getting a dual Xeon for just a nice robust 32 bit box that runs everything and gives me lots of choices. Even though I've really come to like Debian, the AMD64 port is difficult to install when compared to Redhat based x86-64 or Suse distro's and it won't be released into "stable" for at least a couple more years, a snails pace compared to other Linux distro's release schedule.

The only reason, IMHO, to run out and grab a AMD64 platform today is for simulation or some other VERY computationally intensive task, like a QualNet Network Simulation, high end database server or something. Interested in hearing others' experiences along these lines.


Jason Boxman wrote:

On Sunday 19 December 2004 13:36, Jeff Lasman wrote:
So, figuring that since I don't play 3D action games, it wouldn't be too
hard to come up with my desktop for the next few years, I went to the
Computer Fair in Pomona, California, yesterday.

And bought...

Intel Desktop Board D865GBF
800 MHz fsb
Dual SATA 1.5Gb/s
Intel Extreme Graphics2 / AGP 8X
Four Dual-Channel DDR DIMM Sockets
Six PCI slots
Six Channel Audio
Intel PRO/1000,100,10 Ethernet
Eight USB 2.0 ports

Personally I would've gotten AMD64. ;) Multi-monitor setups are your friend,

Intel P4 3Ghz Processor
800 fsb, 1MB L2 cache



Jason Boxman
Perl Programmer / *NIX Systems Administrator
Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing | University of Florida
http://edseek.com/ - Linux and FOSS stuff

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