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Re: Origin Signature check failed (Solved)

Mike Reinehr <cmr@amsent.com> writes:

> I've heard that's it's improper to reply to your own message, but I need to 
> acknowledge that I've solved this problem, before anyone wastes any time on 
> it.
> A quick search of the mailing list archive turned up this very same question 
> in July along with the answer: remove the debsig-verify package. As to the 
> question "Isn't this in the FAQ, yet?" -- Who knows? Who reads FAQ's? ;-)
> Mike

The problem is the following:

debsig-verify source claim that the package is priority standard (iirc).

Debian changes that on ftp-master through the overrides file to
extra/optional but we don't.

The installation pulls in everything required/important/standard to
complete the installation.

So now we end up with debsig-verify installed by default but nobody
else does. Also none of the debs are signed since deb signing is far
from standard or even standardized.

The fix for this situation is to override the priority for
debsig-verify in our archive so it doesn't get installed, and that
every time a new version gets uploaded. Maybe I will implement
override support tomorrow to fix this once and for all.


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