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Re: pppoe on pure64 sid

On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 05:59:51PM +0100, Alexandru Cabuz wrote:
> Here is my /etc/ppp/peers/dsl-provider file
> # Configuration file for PPP, using PPP over Ethernet 
> # to connect to a DSL provider.
> #
> # See the manual page pppd(8) for information on all the options.
> ##
> # Section 1
> #
> # Stuff to configure...
> # MUST CHANGE: Uncomment the following line, replacing the user@provider.net
> # by the DSL user name given to your by your DSL provider.
> # (There should be a matching entry in /etc/ppp/pap-secrets with the password.)
> #user myusername@myprovider.net
> # Use the pppoe program to send the ppp packets over the Ethernet link
> # This line should work fine if this computer is the only one accessing
> # the Internet through this DSL connection. This is the right line to use
> # for most people.
> #pty "/usr/sbin/pppoe -I eth1 -T 80 -m 1452"
> # An even more conservative version of the previous line, if things
> # don't work using -m 1452... 
> pty "/usr/sbin/pppoe -I eth1 -T 80 -m 1412"

I don't think this should be here if you have the plugin for pppoe
loaded.  I don't think it gets used anyhow in that case.

But if everything works by IP but not name, then you probably just have
the wrong settings in /etc/resolv.conf for the nameserver.

Len Sorensen

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