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Re: Status of debian-amd64 after sarge release

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 02:39:03AM +0100, Jan Houstek wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm a long-term Debian user/admin/advocate, I use the stable version of
> Debian GNU/Linux on several tens of production servers. During next few
> month I will be deploying several AMD64 machines (dual-Opteron) and I'd
> love to use Debian as well.
> If I understand it well, the current port is mostly based on Sarge which
> is to be released before end of 2004 (knock, knock). So my questions are:

We currently have 3 "archives":
-pure64: This is unstable with gcc-3.3
-sarge: This is testing/sarge with gcc-3.3
-gcc-3.4: This is unstable with gcc-3.4

> 1) What will happen with debian-amd64 after Sarge is released? Will it be
> freezed or will it continue to follow (new) testing? What about security
> updates?

unstable and testing (etch) really should be moving to the
official mirrors so I don't think we'll keep providing those on
alioth.  We will of course do until everything is on the official

We will atleast have a released version of the sarge repository,
with updates if there are, and security updates.

> 2) Is there any schedule for the official unstable/testing/stable Debian
> versions about amd64 adpotion?

We haven't actually been told that we'll get on the official
mirrors after sarge's release, but we do believe so.


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