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installing on ASUS K8N-E Deluxe

we got another AMD64 machine at work, nearly identical to the one I
installed in late august, only difference, this one has an ASUS K8N-E Deluxe
mainboard. I set it up for Debian sarge/i386 and sid/amd64 with netinstall
isos I downloaded on oct 26 (i386) and today (amd64). I used linux26 for the
i386 install, amd64 has no linux26 image, but the default linux also boots a
2.6 kernel.

The i386 install had one major obstacle, the onboard network was not
detected, it might have loaded the nic module, but DHCP and manual network
config did not work. I think this is due to a second network card magically
appearing on the box, ethernet over firewire, which received eth0, the real
network card received eth1. After changing network/interfaces to use eth1
instead of eth0, everything worked out smootly.

The AMD64 install had another major obstacle, the installer did not find the
release file. It was looking in (typing from memory) debian/dists//Release,
which does not exist on the CD. I think the double slash is a clue, the
distribution (sarge, sid, whatever) is missing here. I didn't want to
remaster the CD, so I used the same image I used at the end of august, and
ran into the same problem. I had to change the debootstrap script to load
libgnutls11. And in addition to this, the ethernetcard was not detected,
just like in the i386 installation. The K8V mainboard does not seem to have
firewire built in, so there is no "second" ethernet adapter on that board.

Maybe this is a generic problem that the "wrong" network device might be
detected first and the installer does not check other detected eth devices
during network config?

BTW I also installed ubuntu on my P2 at home, and I don't know what the fuss
is all about. It is nice, but sarge is just as nice, maybe it asks a few
more questions, but the basic install looked pretty similar, it only uses a
different colour scheme. I didn't see any of the ubuntu backgrounds people
have been talking about, I think I prefer the blue debian swirl.


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