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Re: Working ia32-linux chroot image

Michelle Konzack wrote:
> No problem... delete the chroot and then edit the file
> /usr/lib/debootstrap/(woody|sarge|sid)

Actually in /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/(woody|sarge|sid).  A minor

> here you will find two strings:
>     required="..."
> and
>     base="..."
> Change it as yu need and execute 'debootstrap' again.

That gave me a nice insight into debootstrap that I did not have
before!  Thanks for pointing us to that.  I have been wanting to know
how to do htat.

After looking at the script I think that instead of modifying the
original in /usr/lib that a copy of that should be made and then set
DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR to point to the copy.

  mkdir -p ~/lib
  cp -a /usr/lib/debootstrap ~/lib/debootstrap
  editor ~/lib/debootstrap/scripts/{woody,sid}
  DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR=$HOME/lib/debootstrap debootstrap ...other.opts...


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