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Re: OT: gnumeric and cups (was: From Sid to Sarge) end.

Il mar, 2004-10-19 alle 15:51, Lionel Elie Mamane ha scritto:
> >> I guess libgnomeprint has a way to configure which cups server to
> >> contact. I wonder how, though. It doesn't seem to read
> >> /etc/cups/client.conf.
> > libgnomeprint simply asks the cups client library...
> Aha, that's why "client.conf" doesn't appear in the source
> code. David, is your /etc/cups/client.conf giving the right server?

Yes, but if the server is on gnumeric works, if is off not.
If I use client.conf I have to turn on my print server to get
gnumeric works.
I prefer configure a local dummy printer (pdf printer) to solve
the question.

Sorry, but this thread is turned to OT so I close It.
Thanks to everyone.
Bye bye

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