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Re: recommendations for a barebone system

Aritz Beraza Garayalde [Rei] wrote:

El Miércoles, 13 de Octubre de 2004 10:00, Eric Lacroix escribió:
For now, I run with an extra ethernet board, but it use my unique PCI

Thanks for your information. It is interesting to know about this issue...

I have another sn85g4 box. Works quite well, and hadn't experienced
any problem with the onboard ethernet port. Anyway, hd seems to get
quite hot (about 50 degrees). It is quite quiet (right now, with mi
window open(9th floor, just three or four cars on the street) i don't
hear the cooler).
My experience with the Shuttle sn85g4v2 box is very good. This was purchased as a mate for a clawhammer 3400 CO stepping proccie. The installation was done on 8-6-2004 with the mini-ISO installer built and released earlier that morning.

My installation was problematic at first due to onboard ethernet "dropping out" anywhere from 5 seconds to 20 minutes. I used the advanced installer even though I should be classified as a borderline newbie/experienced user.

I should have slapped myself silly because what had been happening was the mini-ISO boots with a non-SMP kernel then when it installed fully, it placed a SMP kernel on my system. I did not notice any sort of option for a non-SMP kernel during install. To correct this took a bit of patience on my part due to lack of extra hardware. After approximately 5 attempts, I was able to download a single-processor kernel and it successfully installed. After a proper kernel install, the ethernet has been rock solid for 63 days. This shuttle is kept in a locked overhead filing cabinet to serve as a game server.

The installer I used detected the SATA drive right out of the box, installed to it with zero problems. I did not test the firewire nor the card reader functionality so I cannot vouch for that.

If I had it to do all over, I would have had a readable CDrom media with the non SMP kernel to install locally. Currently it runs a custom kernel 2.6.7 based and the machine works flawlessly as a game server. Hardware used: Shuttle SN85GV2 model, 3400 clawhammer CO stepping, 1gb pc3200 corsair valueselect, 80GB seagate sata (forgive me, no model available), generic TNT2 video card I had lying about (Asus, I think). With the previous messages, I knew the poor ATI support for linux drivers so I put in a Nvidia board for the least hassle.

I do not know if the installer has been "fixed" or even if it was a bug in the first place, I have lost track of the progress since my final install.

As for the sound, after the first 15 days, a we checked the box while it was under load and the fan had not spun up to its loudest. I'll vouch for the engineering and thought put into this system. I'm not trying to sell anyone on this setup, but this is the first message I have seen that I felt I could give some sort of useful feedback.

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