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Re: cfs and NFS export do not work in pure64. RPC problems?

On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 11:43, Kaare Hviid wrote:
> Since I have no idea what "cfs" is, I'm afraid I can't help you here.
> Cluster File System?

Cryptographic File System.  I use it to encrypt the directory on a USB
memory stick in which I keep my GnuPG key.

If you could test, to see whether or not this is a localised problem:

  apt-get install cfs
  cmkdir ~/.sec           # Enter a passphrase
  cattach ~/.sec secure   # Enter the passphrase when requested

If all is well, the last command should result in /crypt/secure being
mounted.  It is at that point that mine fails with the RPC error.

  cdetach secure

> > I also am unable to mount a disk belonging to the AMD64 machine on any
> > other system; I get the message 
> > 
> >   mount: RPC: Program not registered
> > 
> > but I don't know where to look to cure this; there is nothing relevant
> > in the logs on the AMD64 machine.
> > 
> > Since both problems are to do with RPC, I wonder if they are related?
> It's not entirely clear if you get this message on the client system or
> the server (amd64) box.

On the client.  The server is the amd64 box.

>   But it usually means the mountd/nfsd never was
> started.  Debian will not start the nfs daemons unless a proper record
> was found in /etc/exports.  Please verify:


  /fw   *.lfix.co.uk(ro)

> 0) That any firewall/iptables/tcpwrappers etc are disabled when testing,
> _both_ on client and server.  RPC and NFS are extremely complex when it
> comes to firewalls, and unless you're absolutely positive you know what
> you're doing, disable such stuff while debugging.

OK - there is nothing like that getting in the way.

> 1) That the portmapper is running (/etc/init.d/portmap)


> 2) That mountd and friends are started (/etc/init.d/nfs-common)

Starting nfs-common only reports statd; rpc.statd is running

> 3) That nfsd is started (/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server)

No, there are no nfsd processes.  In the log, on startup, I get:

  nfsd: nfssvc: Function not implemented

In the kernel config, under Network File Systems, I have:


mountd wasn't running either (it comes after nfsd in
nfs-kernel-server).  When I start it the message changes to "permission
denied", but it seems clear that the problem is with nfsd.

> 4) That the client system isn't running Mac OS X or some other bizarre
> thing which are known to be badly broken.

Debian on i386

Thanks for your help
Oliver Elphick                                          olly@lfix.co.uk
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