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Problems compiling Kernel


I'm trying to compile on an A64 Machine.
I boot 2.6.6 from http://people.debian.org/~jgoerzen/vmlinuz-2.6.6-amd64 which works fine.
I do "make menuconfig", added support for my soundcard und save the changes.

After "make-kpkg kernel_image" it asks me for a Subarchitecture. I choose "PC" (CONFIG_X86_PC). The Problem is, with this option =y, uname -m gives "x86". With this I can not Install the nvidia Driver or execute any 64bit binary. uname -m with the Kernel 2.6.6 booted gives "x86_64".

I took a look at the config file of vmlinuz-2.6.6-amd64. But this config file doesnt have the Option CONFIG_X86_PC. I searched the Changelogs of 2.6.7 and 2.6.8* for this Option, but it wasnt mentioned.

I dont know, what to do now...


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