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Re[2]: AMD64 version of Sarge


we run a dual 246-opteron 4gb ram mysql server here. it's
running for about half a year now, without any problems
at all. so i think debian pure64 is fully usable for a
mysql production server for example :)


Saturday, October 2, 2004, 3:44:03 PM, you wrote:
OJ> Patrick Flaherty wrote:

>> It was my understanding that sarge wasn't really anyone's focus, just a
>> nice little fun project for someone spare time. I'd personaly love to
>> see an actual full fledged sarge repos, but most early adopters of
>> hardware are used to using unstable everything, or just run in 32bit
>> compat mode.
>> maybe i'm wrong, is anyone going hardcore at sarge64?

OJ> It would have been an interesting alternative for our new dual-opteron server
OJ> to running sarge 32bit with amd64-libs and 64bit kernel to us. Unstable is no
OJ> choise on servers, but pure64 with packages from stable would have make 
OJ> sense, although still risky because non official.

OJ> However we finall give it up and decided to use pure sarge 32bit anyway, when
OJ> finding out that the latest kernel still doesn't support Adaptec I2O RAID 
OJ> (SCSI_DPT_I2O) in 64bit mode.
OJ> Besides, I am meanwhile in the opinion that Debian isn't ready for 64bit on 
OJ> servers yet, although you all do a great job, but it's too eary. We will give
OJ> it another try next year.

OJ> Is there a website with information about the state of pure64 and its plans?
OJ> For example it was a surprise to read about pure64 sarge here. I am courious
OJ> how it's going on with any 64bit support in sarge (long-term). FAQ and 
OJ> debian.org are quite vague about that.

OJ> Oliver

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