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Re: AMD64 version of Sarge

Patrick Flaherty wrote:

> It was my understanding that sarge wasn't really anyone's focus, just a
> nice little fun project for someone spare time. I'd personaly love to
> see an actual full fledged sarge repos, but most early adopters of
> hardware are used to using unstable everything, or just run in 32bit
> compat mode.
> maybe i'm wrong, is anyone going hardcore at sarge64?

It would have been an interesting alternative for our new dual-opteron server 
to running sarge 32bit with amd64-libs and 64bit kernel to us. Unstable is no 
choise on servers, but pure64 with packages from stable would have make 
sense, although still risky because non official.

However we finall give it up and decided to use pure sarge 32bit anyway, when 
finding out that the latest kernel still doesn't support Adaptec I2O RAID 
(SCSI_DPT_I2O) in 64bit mode.
Besides, I am meanwhile in the opinion that Debian isn't ready for 64bit on 
servers yet, although you all do a great job, but it's too eary. We will give 
it another try next year.

Is there a website with information about the state of pure64 and its plans? 
For example it was a surprise to read about pure64 sarge here. I am courious 
how it's going on with any 64bit support in sarge (long-term). FAQ and 
debian.org are quite vague about that.


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