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Re: Why do I need an AMD64?

Le ven 01/10/2004 à 17:00, Jérôme Marant a écrit :
> I'm pondering buying an Athlon64 machine. However, I wonder why
> I would need a 64 bits machine.

> Are there any reasons not to stick to 32 bits currently?
I don't know.

I've just bought one today. Why ? I wanted a mini-PC. I've choose the
Shuttle SN85G4, for athlon64 socket 754. I liked the box. There was an
equivalent for P4.
But the Athlon 64 has a good perf/price ratio (I've bought the 3000+).
It's fun/new/a technical chalenge to run a 64bit proc. Debian handles

Well, it's not good, objective technical reasons, but I wanted more
speed than my Athlon Tbird 1Ghz, quieter PC. So why not ADM64, for
general home usage.

My 2 cents (and 1st post to the list),

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